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SOT_II @ Wed 22 Sep said:
Ok which one of you took this call.....

WESTBORO, Mass. -- A New Hampshire man who shot and killed an escaped buffalo in Massachusetts will be charged with firing a rifle on a roadway.

This happened earlier in the month on Interstate 495 in Marlboro. State police said Brian Farmer was returning to New Hampshire with three buffalo he had purchased in Lenox when one of the animals tumbled out of a livestock trailer.

Police said Farmer first tried to coax the 1,000-pound bison back into the trailer, but later killed it with two rifle shots.

Farmer was licensed to have the gun but Trooper Tom Ryan tells the MetroWest Daily News that it's a criminal offense to shoot a gun on or across a highway.

Farmer was previously cited for failing to properly secure his load.
Yah, his rifle load.
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