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Police are looking for a man who stole more than $6,000 in quarters.
Police say Maurice Mizrahi ripped 87 meters from the ground to get the quarters inside.
The 34-year-old man allegedly dug them up from the ground and carried them to the home he shared with his mother with the help of shopping carts.
He was able to drill the side and remove the money, police said.
It was his mother, who upon returning home from a long vacation, who found a dozen meters inside her house and called the police, law enforcement officials said. Police say they are now searching for her son who neighbors say seemed to be in trouble in recent days.
Police said Mizrahi has been arrested at least seven times in the past year for breaking parking meters.
His mother, Renee Mizrahi, told the Daily News on Friday that she did not want to talk, "not now, not tomorrow, not ever."
The character played by Paul Newman in the film "Cool Hand Nuke" is sent to prison for committing a similar crime.
Each meter can hold about $70 in quarters and police said this isn’t the first time Mizrahi has been busted for such a crime. Police said they believe he worked alone, although they did acknowledge is hard to believe because each meter weighs a lot.

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