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Associated Press - October 17, 2008 5:34 PM ET

ROCHESTER, N. Y. (AP) - A Connecticut man involved in a drug dealer's slaying in rural New York has been sentenced to almost 20 years in prison.
Josiah Howenstine pleaded guilty last fall to a kidnapping conspiracy charge for supplying a gun used by Noah Gladding to kill a former high school classmate, Jason Argersinger.
In federal court Friday, the 28-year-old Howenstine drew a sentence of 19 years and seven months.
Gladding forced Argersinger into a car in Chester, Conn., in a botched attempt to settle a $400,000 drug debt in upstate New York in February 2005. He said he shot Argersinger when he tried to escape near Batavia 13 hours later.
Howenstine helped build a case against Gladding, who was sentenced last November to 25 years to life.
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