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Bush's failure #1 (economy)
Bush's failure #2 ('terrorism')
Damm, if you knew 1/10th of what you espouse, the economy isn't Bush's fault entirely. More like 5.5% his fault. The seeds were sown in the Klinton administration, perpetuated by the DemocRATic Congress, ignored by the Republican Congress, and ignored again by the DemocRATic Congress we currently have.

The economy goes in cycles. When you can lend 700K in fraudulent house loans to an illegal immigrant with no visible means to repay said loan, you'd better be divested in that market. Just because the Democratic / Socialistic leaders in Congress tell you it's the right thing to do, hold onto your wallet, turn, and run away as fast as you can.

If Klinton had taken out Bin Laden when he had the chance, instead of playing golf, who knows if 9-11 would have taken place. It certainly would have been set back and therein lies a possability of the plan being exposed before it ever would have taken place.

Since 9-11, has there been a domestic terrorist attack? Ahhhhh, NO! Plenty of tries, and alot of plans have been foiled. I guess the FISA has nothing to do with that, eh? I have no problems with the G listening in on calls from known foreign extremists to American citizens of dubious backgrounds. If they want to listen in on my calls from Ireland from my aunt on the health & welfare of my cousins, have at it. But then again, Auntie isn't some sort of bedsheet wearing, throat slashing, jihadist, so I have nothing to hide.

Would you rather have had Mr. "I invented the internet" Al Gore or Mr. "I am reporting for duty" John Kerry (AKA Mr Thereza Heinz) for President? Smarten up.
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