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Man threatened doctor over fetus sex test

A Swedish man has been fined $555 for threatening to put a gun to a doctor's head if he did not reveal the sex of the man's unborn child.

Prosecutors said the Hallstahammar man became angry after discovering the results he and his wife received from an amniocentesis test -- which was used to determine a child's gender until new policies were implemented requiring doctors to specifically request gender tests -- did not tell them whether they were having a son or a daughter, The Local reported Wednesday.

The man said the only reason the couple asked for the test, which is used to determine whether a fetus has any birth defects, was to find out their unborn child's gender. The couple said they already have multiple daughters and did not want another girl.

After the doctor told the couple the baby's gender had not been determined, the man phoned the physician and asked: "Well what if I come over and put a gun to your head?" the district court was told.

The doctor said he later received a call from the man on his personal cell phone and the father-to-be informed him he knew where he lived and demanded a gender test be performed.
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