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SOMERVILLE (WBZ) ― Police are looking for a man who is accused of stabbing someone during a road rage incident in Somerville over the weekend.

Officials say a 35-year-old Jamaica Plain man and the suspect, who was driving a Pontiac Grand Am, got into some sort of confrontation while driving their cars on Highland Avenue near Medford Street Saturday morning.

The two cars weaved through several residential streets in the Prospect Hill section of Somerville and stopped in Union Square after one of the cars rammed the other, police said.

The two drivers got out of their cars and began fighting. That is when the driver from Jamaica Plain was stabbed.

The victim was rushed to an area hospital. Police say he is expected to survive.

Police are now looking for the driver of the Pontiac. Officials say there should be damage to the front passenger side of the vehicle, including the fender and bumper. The car should also be missing a fog lamp.

Anyone who has seen this car is asked to call Somerville police at 212.625.1212.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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