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Man spared by lab scandal charged in theft

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A sex offender and accused heroin dealer, arrested on Sunday on charges he stole 13 wristwatches from a Downtown Crossing department store, had "won the lottery" just weeks before, a judge said wryly from the bench last month, when he was among the first defendants to be released in the wake of the state drug lab fiasco.
Luis Quiles - due in court next week on the drug charges - was back before a judge yesterday in Boston Municipal Court, where he pleaded not guilty to the latest charges of receiving stolen property.
Quiles, 41, had been expected to plead guilty to drug-distribution charges on Sept. 6 before prosecutors requested a continuance because of the then-unfolding investigation into chemist Annie Dookhan, who authorities say mishandled and tainted samples at the now-shuttered Hinton State Laboratory.
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