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They should give this guy and his family the chair....asap. What a couple of A-Holes.

Man Cites N.H. Motto When Charged With Police Shooting
Sources Say Family Was Part Of Extremist Group In Granite State

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-- A former New Hampshire family involved a dramatic shootout in South Carolina Tuesday cited the state motto as defense for killing two police officers.

Police said the Bixby family engaged in a 13-hour standoff at their home Tuesday when two officers were shot and killed over an apparent land dispute.

"Why'd I do it?" Steven Bixby said in court. "We didn't do it. They started it."

Sources told News9 that the Bixby family was part of an extremist group when they live in Haverhill, N.H., about 20 years ago. South Carolina police said Steven Bixby and his parents had a grudge against the government that led to the standoff.

Prosecutors said Steven Bixby and his father, Arthur Bixby, were the shooters at their Abbville, S.C., home. During a courtroom rant to reporters, Steven Bixby cited New Hampshire's state motto as validation for his actions.

"If we can't be any freer than that in this country, I'd just as soon die," he said. "I'm originally from New Hampshire, where the motto is 'Live free or die.'"

The Bixbys were angry with the local government because part of their property was being taken for road construction. When police tried to intervene, two officers were shot and killed in what police said was a trap set by two heavily armed men.

"You have a right under Article 10 of the New Hampshire Constitution," Steven Bixby said. "It is your right to revolution."

Article 10 of the New Hampshire Constitution's Bill of Rights states that it is the right of citizens to "reform" or "establish a new government" if the current government does not uphold its duty to maintain the "common benefit, protection and security of the whole community."

Bixby's mother, Rita Bixby, also faces charges of conspiracy. During the shootout, she left a message for the Attorney General's Office while holed up at a nearby apartment.

"The state has decided to come in and take over our property," she said. "My husband and son are there. There is a shootout going on."

Steven Bixby was charged with traffic violations in New Hampshire, and he is wanted for not obeying probation.

Arthur Bixby was shot in the chest and is in a hospital. His condition has not been released.

All three Bixbys face the death penalty if convicted on the charges.
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