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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - Police in Springfield continue to search for a suspect after an attempted carjacking Friday night in the Forest Park section of the city.
It's everybody's worst nightmare, you're out on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, waiting in the car at a stop light, when all of a sudden you see a gun pointed at you. That's what happened to one couple in Springfield.
Springfield Lt. Rupert Daniel says while at a stop light at Euclid and Belmont Avenue a 22-year-old male driver and his girlfriend encountered an attempted car jacking.
The passengers reportedly had their windows down when an unknown Hispanic male reached through the passenger side window with a gun and ordered the couple to get out of the car.
Instead of obeying his commands, the driver took off, but while getting away the suspect shot at the driver and hit him in the arm.
The boyfriend drove himself to Baystate Medical Center for treatment. His girlfriend wasn't injured. Police say the driver will be fine but they are still looking for the suspect.

With crimes like this going on, why is the Chief in Springfield so reluctant to issue Class A LTCs to law-abiding citizens?
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