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Man sells wife's breast milk online

A Chinese man is selling his wife's excess breast milk online because he
doesn't want it to go to waste.

Li Jun, of Hanyang, said his wife's appetite has been excellent since giving
birth, causing her to produce surplus milk.

"Every hour, she produces around 200ml of milk, which is too much for our
baby daughter," he told Chutian Golden Daily.

"Her daily milk production is easily enough to feed another baby."

Li said his wife was currently washing her face each day with the extra
milk, and sometimes she forced him to wash with it as well.

"We felt this was too wasteful, so we thought of selling it," added Li,
adding that they were not out to make a profit or take advantage of
China's recent baby formula milk scandal.

"If a family is really in poverty, we can provide them the milk for free," he
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