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Man ordered to stop tending 'tidy' grass

A Belmont, England, man has been ordered by the local council not to cut the publicly-owned grass outside his home because it is "too tidy."

Brian Hubbard, 72, said he has been meticulously mowing, weeding and edging the patch of grass outside his home for eight years, but he has been ordered by Herefordshire Council to stop tending to the lawn because the grass is owned by the council, The Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Hubbard said the letter he received from the council's parks, countryside and leisure development service gave him 28 days to remove all garden tools, furnishings, path and bed covering material, and all vegetation not matching the surrounding area from the grass.

"The council said it sent me this letter after noticing that my grass verge was tidier than the other ones on the street" Hubbard said. "All I have done is cut the grass and keep it as tidy as possible."

"I was told to stop doing it and somebody from the council said it was because that if it was too tidy people might not feel they could walk over it," he said.
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