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Man lives in coffin

A man who has a fear for being buried alive has built a home- in a crypt.

The coffin has a television, a water pitcher, air vent and two makeshift
placstic tubes he uses as megaphones to contact the outside world.

The crypt was built by 78-year-old man whose name happens to be

Freud de Melo suffers from a rare condition called taphephobia, the fear of
being buried alive.

So why he lives in the coffin is a mystery.

"I have awful, awful nightmares of trying to dig myself out from
underground," he said.

Melo's life-affirming burial chapel has become one of the most talked about
features of the eccentric tourist park he operates in Brazil's central

And he once shouted through the megaphone cones "Help me! Come
quick! I've been buried alive!"

But he said it was all in the name of testing the equipment.
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