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Man killed by electric wee

A Polish tourist has died after being electrocuted when he urinated on a railway track at a busy London station.

The 41-year-old died at about 5.20pm on July 12 at Vauxhall Station in the south of the capital, British Transport Police said.

A spokesman confirmed that he had walked on to the track at platform 1 where he was electrocuted.
According to the Sun, the man was in Britain in an attempt to improve his English. His family are said to be devastated at the married teacher's death.

The newspaper reports that there are no public toilets at the station, although there are facilities in a nearby bus station.

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said two ambulances arrived at the station after being alerted to the incident but the man died at the scene.

Network Rail says in excess of 60 people die on railway lines, of which about 40% are electrified, each year.
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