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A man being sought for allegedly posing as a police officer during a sexual assault was arrested early yesterday during a second assault attempt in a Roxbury schoolyard, police said.

The alleged assaults, starting at 1 a.m., occurred within 1 mile of each other and 20 minutes apart. Police said the suspect, 23-year-old Royal Smith of Roxbury, was involved in both.
A driver in Egleston Square told police he stopped his car when he saw a woman crying on Columbus Avenue. The woman told him she had been sexually assaulted by a police officer who had shown her a badge, gun, and radio, police said. The victim fled before police arrived.
Officers searching for the first victim at the intersection of Crawford and Waumbeck streets in Roxbury saw Smith with a woman in an unlit schoolyard.
Smith told officers he had a BB gun, and as he was being handcuffed, a gray police scanner fell out of his pocket, police said.
The second victim then told officers she was on her way to her boyfriend's house when Smith approached her in the schoolyard and identified himself as a police officer. He robbed her at gunpoint and made a sexually suggestive threat just before police arrived, she told them.
The woman declined medical treatment. Police have not been able to locate the first victim.
Smith was charged with armed robbery, attempted kidnapping, attempted sexual assault, and impersonating a police officer.
Last week, a Boston deputy fire chief resigned his position after being charged with raping a woman at gunpoint while posing as a police officer. Peter Pearson, 51, of East Bridgewater was charged last month with attacking women in Brockton and Avon. He has since pleaded not guilty. He is in custody, officials said.
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