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By Charlie Breitrose/Daily News Staff and Abby Jordan/Daily News Staff
MetroWest Daily News
Posted Oct 25, 2008 @ 12:12 AM

A man charged with taking his mother's car and driving drunk attacked a police sergeant and threatened a lieutenant yesterday morning when they tried to move him out of his soiled jail cell, police said.
Peter Gentilotti, 39, a homeless man who often stays with his mother in Hopkinton, faces charges of malicious destruction of property worth more than $250, disorderly conduct, assault, threatening to commit a crime and assault and battery on a police officer, police said.
Gentilotti soiled his jail cell sometime Thursday night, police say, and Sgt. Charles Wallace yesterday morning tried to move him to a different one so the first could be cleaned. Gentilotti then began arguing with Wallace.
Lt. Richard Flannery heard a commotion and ran in and reported that he saw Gentilotti hit Wallace. He pulled him off Wallace. Then Gentilotti faced Flannery, clenched his fists and took a fighting stance.
"I ordered him to the ground. He responded, saying he was not going to (expletive) do it. He threatened to (expletive) hit me, too," Flannery wrote.
Flannery called for help, and Detective Timothy Brennan came into the cell area. Flannery warned Gentilloti he was going to squirt him with pepper spray, and Gentilotti agreed to go back into the cell.
An ambulance was called for Wallace, who suffered a cut to his right eye and a hurt jaw, Flannery wrote.
Gentilotti was arraigned in Framingham District Court and freed on $100 bail. He is due back in court for a pretrial conference on Nov. 25.
According to court papers, Hopkinton Police received a report Thursday evening that a man took his mother's car, a 2000 Ford Taurus, without her permission. Her daughter called because she worried the son might be drinking and driving.
Officer Matthew McNeil stopped Gentilotti on Hayden Rowe Street at about 10:20 p.m. He suspected he had been drinking, according to court papers, because the car smelled of alcohol and Gentilotti was slurring his speech. McNeil also found an empty beer can in the rear seat of the Taurus.
Gentilotti was arrested and taken to the station after refusing to take field sobriety tests, McNeil said.
When he got to the police station, Gentilotti became upset and argumentative during booking, according to a statement by Detective Scott Van Raalten. At one point Gentilotti began crying, and said he was concerned he would miss his sister's funeral on Sunday. When asked what day he thought it was, Gentilotti said it was Friday, when it was Thursday, according to court papers.
From the traffic stop, he faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, a third offense; reckless driving; driving a vehicle without authorization, a second offense; speeding and marked lanes violation.
Neither of Gentilotti's parents would come bail him out of jail, according to McNeil's statement.

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Thats right citizens, 3rd Offense OUI, 2nd Offense of using a car he shouldn't have been, shits his cell, attacks with a police officer, and free to go after handing over a hundred bucks to the court!
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