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Man hits sword attacker with walking stick

GATESHEAD, England, Sept. 2 (UPI) -- A Gateshead, England, 60-year-old said he was able to fend off a samurai sword-wielding attacker by striking him in the head with his walking stick.
David Fawcett, 60, said he was walking with friends Elaine Layton and Tony McConnell shortly after midnight Monday when they saw a man urinating outdoors, The Daily Mail reported Tuesday.
"Elaine asked him to stop. He got a bottle of beer and smashed her three times in the hand," said Fawcett, a retired social worker. "I got between them and he ran off saying he was going to get a sword and kill us."
"Elaine phoned the police but we didn't really think too much of his threat," Fawcett said.
However, he said the attacker showed up five minutes later and began chasing the trio with a samurai sword.
Fawcett said they fled into a nearby take-out restaurant but the tenacious attacker attempted to smash the glass doors with his sword. He said he finally forced the attacker to give up by clocking him over the head with his walking stick.
Police said they arrested the 30-year-old suspect after a brief chase.
"I don't think there was anything heroic about it. It was terrifying. I was shaking after but I had to protect my friends. When I saw they were going for Elaine, I had to do something," Fawcett said.
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