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Man 'guilty of wearing tight jeans'
December 1, 2004

BELLE VERNON, Pa. (AP) -- A man accused of pointing a loaded handgun at a police officer says he's only guilty of wearing tight jeans.

Sean Eldon Duvall, 36, was arrested Tuesday on charges including aggravated assault and reckless endangerment for the June 18 incident.

Southwest Regional Police Detective Sgt. James Rega said in court papers that Duvall left his car with the .38-caliber revolver hidden under papers and aimed it at him when he stopped to see if Duvall needed help.

Duvall told The Associated Press that he didn't need help; he said he was just stepping out of his car to go to a friend's house to play chess.

Duvall acknowledged he had his gun with him, but said he has a permit to carry it, which he tried to show Rega. By law, the gun must be concealed, but Duvall said he couldn't conceal it under his pants while sitting in his car because his jeans were too tight.

Duvall said that's why left the car with the gun sandwiched among some magazines.

"The magazines were the bread and the gun was the meat," he said.

A district justice is scheduled to hear both sides of the story on Dec. 1
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