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Man granted divorce for mother-in-law's nagging

A hen-pecked husband has been granted a divorce in Italy because his
mother-in-law keeps nagging him.

Shopkeeper Luca Rossi, 36, told the court in Salerno that his wife's mother
didn't leave him alone throughout four months of marriage.

"I'd never believed stories and jokes about mothers-in-law but my
marriage was hell and it was all her fault," he said after the hearing.

"It was hell right from the moment we said 'I do' at our wedding until the
moment we split, just because my mother-in-law interfered in every single
thing in our lives.

"It was impossible. It led to one argument after another and there was no
way a marriage could survive after that."

Rossi said he would consider marriage again - but only if he did not have
to deal with a mother-in-law.

"Next time I'm hoping to find a girl who's an orphan," he added.
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