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Published: July 29, 2008 05:31 am ShareThisPrintThis
Man fished out of sea after injuring himself on boat
By Chris Cassidy
Staff writer

SALEM - A man had to be pulled from the water after falling while trying to climb aboard his boat yesterday afternoon.
Shortly after noon, Dennis Moustakis was taking an 8-foot dinghy out to his boat, which was moored near Winter Island. As Moustakis tried to climb onto his boat, the dinghy tipped over and he slammed his forearm into the side of the boat and tumbled into the water, Assistant Harbormaster Joe Dunn said.
A passing boater saw the incident, and a harbormaster vessel was right behind, Dunn said.
"It could have been much more serious if someone hadn't spotted him right away because he was injured," Dunn said.
Moustakis was taken back to shore and transported by ambulance to the hospital with minor injuries, mainly the injured forearm, Dunn said.
Moustakis, 42, owns the Edgewater Café in downtown Salem.
"We were able to get him to shore quickly," Dunn said. "He'll live to boat another day."
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