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Passenger Drove Man To Hospital, Police Say

WATERBURY, Conn. -- A man was fatally shot while driving a car in Waterbury early Sunday morning.

Police said Tremaine Williams, 24, of Waterbury, was driving a car northbound along Wolcott Street at about 2 a.m. when he was shot and killed by a gunman in another vehicle as it passed his car.

Surveillance Video Captures Sound Of Gunfire

Williams pronounced dead at St. Mary's Hospital after one of his passengers drove him to the hospital, police said.
Waterbury police are reviewing surveillance video captured at a nearby gas station. In the video, two cars are seen driving by the gas station, and then a faint popping sound, possibly of gunfire, is heard.

Police were working to develop a description of the gunman's car on Sunday night.

Anyone with information regarding the investigation is urged to contact the Waterbury Police Department.
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