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(Crest Hill, Illinois) This story is sketchy. Yesterday evening, a 68-year-old man fatally shoots an intruder for breaking into his apartment.
The man was watching television in the living room of his one-bedroom, ground-level apartment in the 1500 block of Pioneer Road about 6 p.m. when the intruder broke the bedroom window, according to Crest Hill Acting Police Chief Dwayne Wilkerson.

The man got his .38 revolver from the bedroom and shot the intruder, who was taken to Provena Saint Joseph Hospital in Joliet and pronounced dead.

The intruder has been identified as Demetrious Grove, 34, of 1400 block of Pioneer Road in Crest Hill, Wilkerson said. Grove was not armed.​
Why would a person try to break into a house in his own neighborhood at 6 PM? Everyone would likely be home and awake and it would still be light outside. Doesn't make sense.

I'll guess the guy was altered by either alcohol or drugs and he thought he was breaking into his own house. On the other hand, maybe he was simply a career criminal who thought nobody was home.

In any event, no charges have been filed against the shooter -- so far. Since it happened in Illinois, though, you never know.
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