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Man facing fine for helping skunk

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 12 (UPI) -- A Salt Lake City man says he shouldn't be fined by city authorities for moving a trap containing a skunk into the shade to protect the animal.

Ryan Turner said while he prompted the trap's presence on a city-owned lot next to his home, he felt compelled to help the skunk once the sun began beating down, The Salt Lake Tribune reported Sunday.
The incident began when a skunk wandered into Turner's home and filled his bedroom with its noxious spray. Turner responded by contacting authorities who placed a trap nearby.
The animal was snared in the trap the night of Aug. 1, but when the sun came up the next day Turner began to feel pangs of guilt about the animal's predicament.
"Leaving an animal to die in a metal trap over the weekend isn't humane, he said.
After moving the trap into the shade, an animal-control officer complained and now Turner is facing a $652 fine for criminal trespassing on city property.
Turner told the newspaper he doesn't regret his decision to help the animal that stunk up his house.
"I would rather be in the situation I'm in now than not do anything," he said.
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