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A man caught in a crossfire on Columbia Road was shot in the leg while riding in a family van loaded with small children yesterday evening, police said.
Cops said the man and woman, with five young kids in the vehicle - at least one of them an infant - saw the shooting unfold ahead of them but were unable to stop in time.
"They drove through it. They saw it happening in front of them and drove into it," said a law enforcement source.
Police said the man was shot in the thigh through the door of the van as multiple bullets crossed the street, hitting buildings as well as the vehicle, at about 8:30 p.m..
The man was taken to Boston Medical Center with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.
It is the latest in a rash of bystander shootings, when innocent people have been hit by gunfire exchanged by thugs.
After a 7-year-old boy was shot in the back in the Mission Main neighborhood last month, Police Commissioner Edward Davis said it is time for lawmakers to consider heavier penalties for gangbangers who unleash random, potentially deadly gunfire.
The gunmen involved in last night's incident fled. There were no arrests last night and the incident remains under investigation.
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