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Man charged with impersonating police officer

Discussion in 'Police Impersonation News' started by kwflatbed, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

  2. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Christopher Audette.....why does that name sound familiar?
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  3. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Webmaster Staff Member

    What was he trying to pull?
  4. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Most of the whackers are just looking for the rush of pulling someone over and feeling important for a minute or so. Most of them are harmless, but some of them are NOT harmless.
  5. NEPS

    NEPS 75th N.H.P.A.

  6. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

  7. niteowl1970

    niteowl1970 Moderator Staff Member

    Christopher Audette seems to be a whacker/crack dealer.
  8. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Disregard....I was thinking of someone named Gaudette that I had dealings with many years ago.
  9. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    All they want are Chapter 90 books and a chance to prove themselves! ;)
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  10. GMass

    GMass Guest

    That can be arranged, 1/20th of a book at a time! :p
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  11. csauce777

    csauce777 Supporting Member

    I'll pre-sign an entire book for you MTC, provided you only write the V's to that shithead GMass. He seems like a jerk. :)
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  12. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    Had you not heard? "Crack is wack!"
  13. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    She'll have to stick her head out the window and make siren noises.
  14. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    What's the big deal, I've been impersonating the last 16 years....
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  15. dave7336

    dave7336 MassCops Member

    so doesn't the media and anyone who ever took a criminal justice class sometime in their life!!
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  16. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

    I used to laugh when you guys took pics of "whackers" in Chargers, funny how this guy drove one. I wonder why NH plates if hes from Slummerville.
  17. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    No excise tax and cheaper insurance.
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  18. TopCop24

    TopCop24 Working in the land of misfit toys

    Don't need insurance in NH, i'm guessing he didn't have any
  19. grn3charlie

    grn3charlie Yeah, THAT GUY!

    Where NH gets you is that the registration costs more and you have to register each year as opposed to every other. Tax free NH is a myth
  20. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    I'd take that over a tax for me to have the privilege of parking in my own garage or driveway.
  21. grn3charlie

    grn3charlie Yeah, THAT GUY!

    Never thought of it that way. All the money I gave Boston in the past, including double paying a couple of times, that was what it was for. Fuck Boston money grubbing fucks!
  22. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    Say whaaa????

    Can I still keep the clothes?
  23. GMass

    GMass Guest

    I impersonate cops from other agencies when I'm working.
    "I want your name and badge number"
    "Joe, #19, from (neighboring town) PD"

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  24. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    I once impersonated a mall security officer. It was an auspicious occasion.
    Actually, I didn't go full on green lighter, but I neglected to correct a complainer when she stated that she was going to report me to the head of the mall (for dealing with her satin spawn) as she took a contact card from customer service. Thankfully, the security guard standing next to me corrected the complainant and advised her that I was a police officer.
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  25. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    I'll take them as long as they're designer and not still covered in WAsabi.
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