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Michael Wayne Yeadon

By Danielle Ameden/Daily News staff
Posted Oct 08, 2008 @ 12:28 AM

Police say they arrested a local man who burglarized several local businesses, tracking him with a Rhode Island pawnbroker's help and a big clue he left behind: his blood-stained hospital discharge papers.
Michael Wayne Yeadon, 27, of 6 South Main St., apt. 1, broke into Larkin Co. Realtors early Saturday morning and the commercial building at 2 South Main St. sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning, police said.
He is also a suspect in a three overnight burglaries last month at businesses along Depot Street, Detective Cmdr. Lt. James Falvey said yesterday.
Detectives Jay Ball and Carlos Sousa picked up Yeadon about 4:15 p.m. Monday on a warrant charging him with the Larkin Co. Realtors break-in.
"It was a good piece of investigative work by Detectives Ball and Sousa and it solves - so far - five breaks," Falvey said. "It's a significant arrest."
Yeadon came to the station about 2 a.m. Saturday, bleeding after allegedly punching glass during a domestic dispute.
Police called for an ambulance, which brought Yeadon to Milford Regional Medical Center for treatment of his injuries, Ball said.
Police were called to 280 Main St. at 10:50 a.m. Saturday after the tenant living above Larkin Co. reported a window pane in her second-floor apartment was broken overnight.
She reported missing her health card inside her wallet, cigarettes and a lighter.
The tenant gave Officer Alan Bacchiocchi papers she found near the staircase - papers Bacchiocchi reported were generated by Milford Regional at 3:02 a.m. to release a Michael Yeadon, with the same address and date of birth, from the hospital after treatment of a wound/injury.
"There was what appeared to be a blood stain on the backside of the last page," Bacchiocchi wrote in his report.
The Larkin office was in "disarray" and the owners reported several flat-screen computer monitors were missing.
Ball said detectives investigated and used the evidence to prove probable cause and obtain an arrest warrant Monday morning. The warrant charged Yeadon with unarmed burglary; breaking and entering a building during the nighttime for a felony; larceny from a building; larceny over $250; larceny under $250; and destruction of property valued over $250.
Meanwhile, sometime overnight Sunday, Yeadon broke into nearby 2 South Main St., two doors from his home, police said.
Reporting Officer Thomas Testa wrote in his report that he responded at 7:44 a.m. Monday to meet All States Medicaid's owner, and found a shattered window on the west side of the commercial building and a large rock on the floor inside.
Ball said Yeadon stole a flat-screen computer monitor and two novacaine needles from dentist Nagwa Fanous' basement office; plus six flat-screen monitors, three laptops, a Bose iPod sound dock, $100 in petty cash, a computer mouse and cables, a bottle of Aleve and green briefcase from All States' office upstairs.
Already suspecting Yeadon for this break-in, police say he became further linked when a pawnbroker in Pawtucket, R.I., called All States on Monday.
Yeadon, who has dealt with the shop frequently over the years, brought in a silver Dell Inspiron laptop to sell and claimed to also have 10 flat-screen monitors, Ball said.
The pawnbroker became suspicious, turned on the computer and found information that indicated it belonged to All States, Ball said.
"(Yeadon) got spooked right out of the store," Ball said.
Ball said he went to Rhode Island and returned Monday afternoon with the laptop, which he brought to All States. They identified it as theirs, he said.
Leaving the business, Ball and Sousa spotted Yeadon outside his apartment, one driveway away, and arrested him on the warrant without incident, Ball said.
Detectives got consent to search Yeadon's home and his girlfriend's car, finding nothing in the home, but found two black Dell flat-screen monitors in the car trunk, Sousa said.
"Fortunately for the victims, we did apprehend him and he's being charged," Sousa said.
Yeadon is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow in Milford District Court on the warrant charges.
He was released Monday night on a $40 bail fee.
Ball said more charges will be brought against Yeadon for the break-in at 2 South Main St.
Detectives are also considering bringing charges against a second person they believe to be an accomplice, Falvey said.
While investigating, detectives learned information that links Yeadon to the Depot Street burglaries, Falvey said.
"He made some admissions in regard to the break-ins on Depot Street," said Sousa, who questioned Yeadon at the station Monday.
Tools, computer screens, a laptop and other items were stolen from MacDonald Construction and Plumbing, Barney Oil and Blanchard Land Clearing, police say.
Yeadon sold three stolen items from MacDonald's - a power drill, nail gun and Husqvarna chain saw - for $145 at the Pawtucket pawn shop, Sousa said.
Yeadon told police he sold some other items to a local man.
"He's saying that everything's gone," Sousa said.
Sousa said he is waiting for results of DNA and fingerprint analysis from the state police crime lab.
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