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Man charged for overnight feast at Kentucky supermarket

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Man charged for overnight feast at Kentucky supermarket

Published May 14, 2013
Associated Press
MOUNT WASHINGTON, Ky. - Authorities in Kentucky have charged a man who officers say had an overnight feast in a closed supermarket outside Louisville.
The manager of a ValuMarket says he found 57 empty whipped cream cans in the garbage when he arrived Monday morning. WAVE-TV in Louisville reported 30-year-old Trevor Runyon was charged after he was found in the ceiling of the store.
Surveillance video from the store showed that Runyon cooked and ate six steaks, washed them down with beer and then topped off his meal with shrimp and birthday cake.

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It should have ended with and a shit load of whippets.

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Sounds like a great bar-b-que. Too bad he didn't have permission of the owner.
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