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Man bottles, sells NYC tap water

A New York man said he has taken to bottling tap water and selling it in local stores in an attempt to keep water "honest and local."

Craig Zucker said his Tap'd NY bottled water has been cleared of chlorine and impurities through reverse osmosis so customers can purchase the purest possible New York water, the New York Post reported Thursday.

"I didn't grow up with bottled water. In my family, we drank from the tap," he said. "When I came to New York, I could tell right away that the water was better, even if I didn't know why."

"We are a for-profit business, but we have a message, which is that water should be kept honest and local. Right now, we let Fiji and France ship water into New York, which is an insult to New Yorkers," Zucker said.

Zucker's said his friends and family don't know what to think of his latest business venture.
"Either they said it was the most brilliant idea they'd ever heard, or the stupidest," he said.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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