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Man bills Mich. city for bathroom cleaning

A resident of Saugatuck, Mich., says he should be financially compensated for cleaning public bathrooms of his own accord.

Businessman Steve Oswald said while he independently chose to clean the city's public bathrooms after hearing multiple cleanliness complaints from customers, the city should pay him for the time he spent at the rest facilities, WZZM-TV, Grand Rapids, reported Thursday.
"I spent 45 minutes cleaning the bathrooms," said Oswald, who said public officials were slow in his bathroom cleaning request in August.
"It's a matter of principle," Oswald told the city's mayor while handing over a bill for $156 a week later. "You guys need to do your job properly."
Yet city officials have not paid the bill for the unauthorized cleaning, but did recognize that the public bathrooms had been in need of maintenance.
WZZM-TV said while those officials are thankful for Oswald's attempt to improve the tourist city, they are concerned paying the bill would set an unwanted precedent for similar incidents in the future.
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