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Man arrested over £6k hotline

COPS in Germany arrested a hotel guest who couldn't pay his £6,000 bill - racked up over 27 HOURS on a phone sex hotline.

Anthony Mueller, 22, admitted he spent more than a day dialling a premium rate number from his hotel room in Leverkusen, west Germany.

He explained: "I was sitting in my hotel at night and suddenly became horny, so I called a sex hotline. I did not keep track of time, it was like a movie. I just kept going."

Even when he had to pause to rub cream on his "chafing penis," the tenacious telephoner stayed connected.

Anthony added: "I was like the energiser bunny."
When hotel workers discovered the horrific bill, they came knocking on his door.
"They said I have good stamina," he explained proudly.
Then the police came knocking.

He was given a drug test and it was discovered he had taken methamphetamines and smoked marijuana - which contributed to his staying power.

Lawyer Burkhard Benecken said: "The hotel exhibited substantial negligence. If you do not limit guests from accessing high-cost sex hotlines, then you are being careless and should be responsible for any damages."
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