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Man arrested for posing as police officer in Randolph

Discussion in 'Police Impersonation News' started by cc3915, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. cc3915

    cc3915 MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Randolph Police have arrested a man for allegedly posing as a police officer in their town.

    Police say the suspect’s SUV was outfitted with strobe lights and blue lights that were affixed to the rear-view mirror. It also had a siren.

    The suspect had a police-style jacket in the back of the vehicle, as well as police-style pants hanging on a hanger inside. Police also found handcuffs on the floor of the vehicle.

    Man arrested for posing as police officer in Randolph
  2. flintlockglock

    flintlockglock Town Fool

    "BUT OFFICER! Since when is elaborate sexual role playing illegal?" :rolleyes:
  3. Tuna

    Tuna Always entertained

    Saw this on the news this morning. Nice touch with the case of Corona, and one open, on the front seat.
  4. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Funny shit, guess a year ago he stole a police plate in RPD parking lot , they saw him on camera and arrested him. LMFAO
  5. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Poorandeo G. Singh I guess it was not an Irishman celeberating St. Pats Day.
  6. csauce777

    csauce777 Supporting Member

    A Toyota SUV with RED and blue lights? A dead give-away.

    EMTFORHIRE MassCops Member

    My question is this. Scenario: late at night a person is being puled over by what appears to be an under cover police car, the person being pulled over isn't sure and has seen similar story's to this. Can they continue to drive and call the police and not stop until they confirmation that it is in fact a real officer? or would that get them in more trouble if it is a real officer?
  8. grn3charlie

    grn3charlie Yeah, THAT GUY!

    "The suspect was arrested in December 2007 for stealing the license plate off a police car."

    Don't know if that's ballsy or just plain stupid.
  9. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    I've told my wife that if she is stopped by an unmarked car, to roll the window down a couple of inches, and request a marked cruiser. If the "cop" tries to open the door, I told her to drive away and call 911.

    No reasonable officer is going to have a problem with that type of request.
  10. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    +1. Calling 911 is first, then pull over in safe well lit area. DON'T Run!

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