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Man Arrested After Stealing 2 Cans Of Beer

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- A man who was found sleeping in local portable toilets was arrested again.

Gil Duff, 46, of Cincinnati, was arrested Thursday night on a theft charge. He allegedly stole two cans of beer from a Deer Park store, reported NewsChannel5's sister station wcpo.

Deer Park Police said Duff was stopped by a security guard at a store on Webster Avenue while trying to leave with two cans of beer. The guard said Duff gave back one can of Steel Reserve beer, but kept the other.

Duff was arrested four times this year for being found asleep. Three of those times he was found by police in portable toilets located in public parks, while another alleged instance was on a woman's front porch in Deer Park.

During one arrest in Bechtold Park, Duff was heard snoring by a passing police officer. A beer was found next to him, according to police.
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