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Man arrested after excessive horn blowing

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. - Sometimes, blowing your own horn is too much of a good thing. Glen Falls police said an upstate New York driver who was stopped for blowing his vehicle's horn excessively was charged with driving while intoxicated.

Glens Falls police said Rodney Northey told them he was blowing his horn on a downtown street dotted with bars to let "people know he was in town."

Officers on duty noticed, pulled Northey over late Saturday and found his blood alcohol content was point-23 percent, nearly three times over the amount for legal intoxication.

Northey was charged with aggravated DWI, a misdemeanor, and ticketed for excessively blowing his horn.

He was freed on $250 cash bail pending prosecution in City Court. The name of his lawyer was not yet on the record Monday.;_ylt=AvMri4gq7ZDjyqsZxp0v7x1xFb8C
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