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Man accused of breaking into car… and then falling asleep

A man was arrested and arraigned Tuesday after police say he broke into a vehicle - and fell asleep inside it.
Fernando Adrian Rios, 33, of Anaheim, pleaded not guilty to four burglary and drug-related charges at the North Justice Center.
According to Det. Corinne Loomis, public information officer with the Placentia police, Rios broke into a white Acura at 7 a.m. Saturday at the Cinnamon Tree apartment complex in the 200 block of South Kraemer Boulevard in Placentia.
Police responded to a call about the break-in and found Rios in the vehicle, asleep, with the car's stereo in his lap, Loomis said. He was removed from the car and handcuffed.
"He could be one of the dumbest crooks we've ever run into," Police Chief Jim Anderson said. Then the chief couldn't resist a joke: "We read him his Miranda rights and asked him if he wanted to remain silent. Then we woke him up."
Police say Rios told them he was "tired and needed to rest and didn't know whose car it was."
Rios also had an iPod and a Bluetooth set, which were later identified as the property of the car owner, Loomis said. Rios also had a shaved key, which police believe he used to break in to the car. Loomis said Rios has broken into about 50 cars in his life, about 10 of those in Placentia.
Also in Rios' possession were drug paraphernalia and a switchblade knife, Loomis said. Rios is facing charges of second-degree burglary, possession of a burglary tool, possession of a switchblade knife and being under the influence of a controlled substance, heroin. Because of earlier arrests, he faces up to seven years in prison.
A pretrial date is set for July 28.
Rios is not eligible for bail because he was in violation of parole.
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