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ALBION (NEWS CENTER)-- State Police say that one of their troopers shot and killed a man carrying a shotgun on Main Street in Albion Monday night.
Spokesman Steve McCausland says the officer was called to a residence for a domestic dispute. After a brief confrontation, the trooper shot the man. That man has been identified as John Sullivan of Albion. State Police say he died from his wounds late Monday night at the hospital.
The Attorney General's office is now investigating.


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Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel

ALBION -- A Maine State Police trooper shot and killed a man after responding to a report of a domestic assault Monday evening.

A spokesman for the police confirmed that a trooper shot a man around 8:30 p.m.
Just before 10 p.m., Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland declined to identify either the officer involved in the shooting or the man who had been shot. Later Monday, he reported that the suspect had died.
McCausland said the man had assaulted a woman at a residence. A trooper who responded to the scene ended up shooting him. The attorney general's office was called to investigate, as is the protocol in cases involving police shootings.
McCausland said earlier Monday that the injured suspect was taken by LifeFlight to a hospital. McCausland was uncertain which hospital.
Yellow police tape cordoned off the scene on Main Street Monday evening.
Many town residents nearby said they heard multiple shots fired around 8:30 p.m.
One resident near the scene said he saw flashes from gunfire from outside the Main Street apartment house around 8:30 p.m. The residence is located near the Albion Christian Church.
"I heard all the shots. I was by the town office," said Carl Pettengill, who said he is a veteran of the U.S. Army and recognized the sound and flash of gunfire. The town office is located about 100 yards from the Harold L. Keay & Son General Store.
A rescuer was observed administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation to an injured person in the back of a Delta Ambulance at 9:15 p.m. A LifeFlight helicopter landed at 9:06 p.m. at the fire station and left at 9:46.
The police tape stretched from Yeaton's Service and Supply at 44 Main St., across the street along a telephone pole, down almost all the way to Albion Christian Church.
People were milling around the streets of the small town. Police also cordoned off Main Street near the general store, barring access to the scene.
A Maine State Police trooper inspected a white pickup truck with a for-sale sign in the driver's side window.
The truck was parked on the grass near the apartment building.
State Police and Kennebec County Sheriff's Department officers were at the scene as were representatives from the Attorney General's Office. Police at the scene declined to comment.


ALBION SHOOTING: Maine State Trooper put on leave

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Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel

ALBION -- Maine State Trooper Derrick Record went on paid administrative leave Tuesday after an armed confrontation resulted in the shooting death of an Albion man who police say was armed.
Johnathan Sullivan, 34, died in an ambulance after being shot by a state trooper, Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said.
Neighbors said a series of gunshots on Main Street Monday evening brought them to their windows. Tom Cummings, who lives directly across the street from the Sullivan home at 50 Main St., said he heard about four shots and thought they were fireworks at first. Then, outside, he met Jen Sullivan, the wife of Johnathan Sullivan, who was bleeding and crying that her husband was drunk and coming after her with a gun. There were two young girls with her.
"I locked them in my house for safety, got my shotgun and bunkered down right there," Cummings said Tuesday morning, pointing out at his driveway where two pickup trucks were parked.
Cummings said he called police at 8:14 p.m. and waited. Record was first to the scene.
When Record arrived, he first saw Cummings and ordered him to drop his weapon. Cummings said that once Record realized he was not the suspect, he allowed him to again take up his shotgun and assist in the search for Sullivan.
The Attorney General's Office questioned that report, however.
"You be the rational thinker and consider whether a law enforcement officer would allow an armed civilian to participate," Jessica Maurer, special assistant to the attorney general, said Tuesday. Maurer declined further comment.
Cummings said the trooper, Record, was not sure where Sullivan had gone, and so they looked together around the darkened yard. Street lamps illuminated portions of the roadway, but one side of Sullivan's house is shielded by a large tree near the road.
It was from beneath that tree that Sullivan appeared while Record stood near a parked pickup truck in Cummings' yard. "I see you guys," Sullivan called out to the trooper and Cummings across the street and hoisted a shotgun of his own to aim it at them, Cummings said.
Record shouted four or five times for Sullivan to drop his weapon, but the man refused, Cummings said.
The trooper fired three times, Cummings said. He said he later saw two bullet holes in Sullivan's chest, and was not sure where the third bullet went. Sullivan slammed into an asphalt slab lying on the ground next to his yard, breathing and still clutching the firearm to his chest.
Sullivan died later in an ambulance, McCausland said.
The gunfire and commotion woke the DeRaps, a young family of six that lives a couple of doors down from the Sullivans. Patrol cars, an ambulance and police officers charged past their little yard as Gabe and Amanda DeRaps tried to calm their four young daughters.
"All these (guns) going past -- one guy dropped his clip in my yard, realized it and came running back," said Gabe DeRaps.
Buildings blocked his view of Sullivan, but DeRaps did see the trooper. Moments after the shooting, a trooper DeRaps believes was the one who shot Sullivan collapsed to his knees under a street lamp on Main Street, dry-heaving.
"He said, 'I had no choice' -- I've never heard a grown man cry like that," DeRaps said. "Another man said in a calmer voice, 'You did what you had to do.'"
Neighbors and store owners described the Sullivans as a seemingly happy couple. Johnathan Sullivan was seen taking frequent walks along the road, sometimes with his wife, sometimes with one of the two young girls.
"The most excitement this town has seen was when a horse got out, and everyone was chasing it," Gabe DeRaps said.
Police are releasing little information about Monday's shooting, as the investigation has been handed over to the Maine Attorney General's Office. It is standard procedure for the attorney general's office to investigate shootings involving police officers.
Record has served in the Maine State Police for 10 years. He patrols out of the Troop C barracks in Skowhegan, McCausland said.
"(Investigators) will compile a full report and issue a final finding as to whether the shooting was justified," he said. "And they usually release a good deal of information along with that finding."
The Attorney General's Office was not immediately able to provide a comprehensive list of incidents of Maine police officers who have shot civilians.
The Attorney General's Office in 2007 ruled that a Waldoboro police officer was justified in shooting 18-year-old Gregori Jackson five times, killing him. Jackson was unarmed.
In 1997, a man named Jack Hegarty won an out-of-court settlement on a wrongful-death suit against Somerset County after his wife died after an armed confrontation with police in Dennistown Plantation.

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Maine AG Rules Fatal Shooting By Trooper Justified

Shooting Happened In August, In Albion

ALBION, Maine -- Maine's attorney general has ruled that a state trooper was justified in using deadly force when he shot and killed a 34-year-old Albion man outside his home in August.

Johnathan Sullivan was fatally shot by Derrick Record after the trooper responded to a 911 call reporting a domestic disturbance at Sullivan's home.

According to Attorney General Steven Rowe, the shooting occurred after Sullivan came at Record with a shotgun and ignored repeated commands to drop his weapon. When Sullivan raised the barrel of his gun, Record fired three rounds.

Sullivan had a blood-alcohol content of 0.24 percent at the time of the shooting.
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