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Discussion in 'Maine' started by screamineagle, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. screamineagle

    screamineagle Masscops Therapist

    Does anyone know anything about them? hours worked, schedule, etc. Their website is ok but not too informaitive.
  2. BlackOps

    BlackOps At your six

    I was offered a job with them back in the 90's after going through their process. I did not accept the offer, re: pay. From what I remember the starting pay was VERY low.

    But, it's a job...............
  3. bosco109

    bosco109 MassCops Member

    They work a 4-2 schedule, however once or twice a month they work a 10hr shift. Depending where you are stationed you are on call for a certain time either before or after the end of your shift. Their pay is better than it was in the 90's in comparison to ME PD's. If you go to the Maine Criminal Justice website and click on DPS info. From there go the Trooper openings and there is alot more information regarding pay and benefits than what is on their website. It is a good job, alot of freedom. I have some friends on the department that love it.

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