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Maine State Police shifts

Discussion in 'Maine' started by screamineagle, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. screamineagle

    screamineagle Masscops Therapist

    Does anyone know what type of shifts maine sp works? Just curious.
  2. futureMSP

    futureMSP MassCops Member

    I think if you use the search option you will be able to find it. If I am not mistaken, someone has asked this question and it was answered. I think it was so many 8 hour shifts and then a 10 hours shift or something similar. It may have been a 4-2 rotation.
  3. screamineagle

    screamineagle Masscops Therapist

    I tried that and didnt come up with anything.
  4. futureMSP

    futureMSP MassCops Member

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