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Discussion in 'Vehicle Laws' started by homeoffice2, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. homeoffice2

    homeoffice2 New Member

    Hi everyone.
    Two questions:
    1. I've got a brand new half ton pickup with racks and side tool boxes. I work for a company (not my own business).
    540 cmr 2.05 states that I now delightfully own a commercial truck if I use it to carry tools to a jobsite for compensation.
    I'm arguing that going to work for pay is not commercial compensation.
    Otherwise when you guys bring your gear (tools) to work every day; or any human being brings their personal gear (tools) to work... All their cars are now commercial vehicles as well. There is no language for a judges opinion of the allowable number or amount of gear or tools in the law, what-so-ever. Seems like it's all left to an opinion.
    Second question
    If I must get commercial plates, are magnetic signs legal in Massachusetts?
    Apparently, under 540cmr, I would have to drive around with my (not for hire) full name and address -for no apparent reason- on my private truck because I "transport" my tools to work everyday.

    I used to wear a suit and carried a brief case and easils, a laser pointer and rolls of drawings as my (tools). What's the difference; their weight? Or the number?
    Thanks for any opinions.
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  2. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound MassCops Member

    Here's the short answer: no one cares. We have other problems.
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  3. homeoffice2

    homeoffice2 New Member

    In several other threads, I've read of people being written for just such an offense with one officer here stating she didn't care, she writes it anyway and let's them settle it with the judge whether it's business or private.
    So....SHE cared enough to write it.
    I was hoping to get views of several cops on whether they would pull me over. The site says..."Ask cop." So I did. I didn't expect that type of answer, but okay.
    Thanks for serving.
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  4. Danusmc0321

    Danusmc0321 MassCops Member

    When you had that car with the briefcase and protractor was it also used as your primary vehicle go to the grocery store, drive your family around and run other errands or just to get you to the job site. Did it have your company name on the side of it? You probably won't need commercial plates if your carrying tools and it's your personal vehicle that you use. Thats ment for people who have company names on the vehicle and/or the vehicle is primarily used for work, (commercial purposes), your making money with it, advertising with it. If it's not your company, but your attaching a magnetic sticker, I would tell your boss that putting stickers and tools in a passenger plate truck is probably not a good idea. There's plenty of people out there who skirt the lines on this, if you take the risk, maybe nothing will happen and if it does, you can argue that fact to the magistrate.
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  5. HistoryHound

    HistoryHound Supporting Member

    You do realize that those other threads are at least several months if not years old. I'm not a cop, but all things considered I'd say they have a lot more important things to deal with right now. Just sayin'
  6. homeoffice2

    homeoffice2 New Member

    I'm one of the those guys who walk up to cops when I see them on duty and thank them and let them know that millions of us support what they do. I seem to do that a couple of times a week. Every cop welcomes it.
    I'm a fifteen year member of charitable benevolent Mass. State Police charities.
    My brother is a retired cop.
    I taught cops worldwide for ten years
    I was asking about a VERY ambiguous law and whether they would write it, locally.
    I never once thought it would be "in appropriate" for me to ask on a site that's called ask-a-cop.
    It seemed very logical and helpful to do so as THEY would be the ones left to be the decision makers "on the street" as the law *as written* is so vague. I'm certainly not going to be pulled over by a judge, am I? Instead I'm told I'm a nuisance?
    Uhm, okay.
    That said, I'll take me leave.
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  7. AB7

    AB7 MassCops Member

    Your brother is a retired cop? I would expect you would know how we’re all a bunch of sarcastic smartasses, and that right now there’s more than ever threatening our livelihoods and jeopardizing our personal safety.

    You’ll get a mixed bag of answers. Me personally, if you have racks and side tool boxes clearly attached to your truck then there’s a good chance you use it for commercial purposes. At a glance, that’s what I’m thinking. Would I stop you? Read on.

    Your experiences will hinge largely on your own behaviors. Why do I WANT to stop you? Are you driving in circles through a high crime neighborhood at odd hours of the night? Is there anything you do that gives me a hunch you are involved in something more than a simple failure to identify your vehicle as commercial? This all comes into play.

    If you feel like your vehicle fits the description, I’d say you’re right. Are you possibly going to run into rookie cops trying to turn your traffic stop into something more? It could happen. I don’t think cops nowadays as a whole care all that much unless let’s say, you have a load of materials that spills off of your personal vehicle all over the roadway causing a crash or something else.

    TL;DR Yes I can stop you, but why do I want to? You may or may not get cited.
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  8. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    Well...based on your affiliation with all those MSP groups, you shouldn’t ever get a ticket...
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