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Magazine salesmen rounded up by police
By Mike Stucka
Staff Writer

SALEM — The North Shore is a tough place to sell magazines, especially if you don't have permission and are already wanted by police.
Marblehead police were in the midst of arresting solicitors on Tuesday when they got complaint calls about other salesmen. On Wednesday, five magazine vendors were gathered at the Salem police station, where officers found they'd been illegally working in four different towns. Then on Thursday, Salem officers had to tell another solicitor to stop.
On Tuesday, just before 4 p.m., a Canterbury Road resident complained to Marblehead police about solicitors in the area. Police couldn't find them at first, but at 4:39 p.m. found Jeremy L. Albertson, 26, on Humphrey Street. Albertson was arrested and charged with violating the town's bylaw of soliciting without a permit, as well as two court warrants. Police listed his address as 2007 Pershing Drive South, Muncie, Ind.
Around 5 p.m., police were getting another call about solicitors on Cedar Street. At 5:25 p.m., they found Michael C. Burke, 18, of 15991 Highway 101, South Brookings, Ore., and charged him with violating the solicitation bylaw without a permit. Even while they were arresting Burke, police were getting another call about solicitors on Yorkshire Road.
Around 8 p.m. Wednesday, a Salem woman on Saltonstall Parkway said she'd written a check for subscriptions to Men's Fitness and Self magazines, but then started wondering whether the man may have been part of a scam. She said the magazine salesman had told her his name and his address, but police checked the address. When police ultimately found the man on Pioneer Terrace, he said he'd never told the woman his Salem address and had already turned the check over to a driver who picks up money and checks. Police searched him and found the check.
Salem Patrolman Michael Dunn decided to take the man to the police station for identification and asked for his driver to pick him up. The driver made his appearance, and police told him to have his other three salesmen arrive, as well. In the end, five men gathered in the police station with a check from Salem, three checks from Peabody, one check from Marblehead and one check for Lynn.
Dunn wrote that, "It should be noted that the solicitors never came to any of the police stations about obtaining a permit to solicit."
Those men were working for Prestige Sales USA. None was arrested or charged.
On Thursday, a Salem man on Gallows Hill Road complained of solicitors at 7:35 p.m. Police told the worker to stop for the night or face possible arrest for disturbing the peace

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I hate these morons! So much, they ruin this time of year! I think that all non religious and non profit and non political door to door stuff should be scrutinized fully. I am so sick of these morons, they scare the crap out of old ladies. Thank goodness a police officer lives across the street from my grandmother, He has nicely said to a couple of these losers,in not so many words, move along!
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