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MA Inspector Gen????

Discussion in 'Pay, Benefits & Contract Discussions' started by Javert, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Javert

    Javert MassCops Member

    Veryyyyy long story short...I have an extremely horrible command staff. I am owed several months of shift dif, comp time, mileage and a PT test bonus. I have tried getting my $ via the union AND the chain of command. Everything is documented in emails and other official/written forms. My request (in writing twice) to sit down with the Chief has gone unanswered from the Deputy.

    What's a guy to do to get his money???

    Is there an outside complaint element? IG? Ethics Commission? ANYTHING? Everyone is house says "give it time" "let the union do its thing" "let the COC do its thing". Well 9 months of this isn't putting formula in my new borns stomach.

    Any thoughts????
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  2. Joel98

    Joel98 MassCops Member

    Try it, call the IG or the AG's office, and just start asking them.
  3. unexpo

    unexpo MassCops Member

    I don't work with any PD (currently), but do work in a municipality, where I've had a grievance filed since November 2016. It is a similar situation where the city owes me retro pay by the letter of the cba. I've been told the union doesn't even have a hearing scheduled for me until September 2017, then who knows how long it will take for me to see any money. The only thing I can say is these things take a LONG time. Just be patient with it, and keep open communication with your union representative.
  4. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    If you have a clear violation of the CBA ,then file a grievance and go through the process.

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  5. Javert

    Javert MassCops Member

    Thanks everyone.

    Step 1 on 3 grievances has been done. They never got back to us after the 10 days.

    And yes...I have an app in for somewhere else as we speak. It will be a considerable pay decrease and I will lose 4 years of seniority but at least I won't have an aneurism by age 30.
  6. Treehouse413

    Treehouse413 MassCops Member

    If they haven't responded to step 1 within the alloted time you move to step 2 . If you don't get a response or satisfied file for arbitration. Not knowing the details you may have a "unfair labor practice "
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  7. NEPS

    NEPS 75th N.H.P.A.

    Attorney General.
    I know it is a Frankenstein move bringing this back from the dead, but for the benefit of anyone who runs into unpaid wage problems, the AG is the organization that investigates and gets recovers unpaid wages. Also, a private attorney may take interest in handling a case like this because an employer who does not pay wages due may be sued for a mandatory recovery of triple the wages owed plus attorney's fees.
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