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Lynn man arrested for throwing self-made bottle bombs

LYNN, Mass. -- Police arrested a man who threw self-made bombs around outside and reportedly told police it was "cool."
A concerned neighbor informed police that 21-year-old Dennis Hamel had thrown an explosive from his front porch not far from where a group of children were playing.
Hamel was seen combining household chemicals in a plastic bottle and admitted to throwing several explosives off of his porch.
The father of a 2-year-old girl told police that a friend showed him how to make explosives and that he "did not understand what the big deal was because nobody got hurt."
Witnesses were concerned about the bottle bombs because there were children playing in the street.
Hamel is being held without bail and will face charges in Lynn District Court.

This man,if you even want to call him a man , is an Idiot . Let me show my kids how to throw bombs . Great Idea.
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