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By Will Richmond
GateHouse News Service
Posted Sep 11, 2008 @ 07:15 PM

Somerset -
It was anything but a peaceful day at Jewel's Day Spa Thursday.
As three women sought services such as pedicures and haircuts at the 255 County St. spa, an afternoon of peace for the cust-omers and four employees was shattered, literally, when a maroon Mercedes Benz E350 plowed through the window of the first floor business.
Police identified the driver as Pauline Duclos, 75, of Westport, and said she did not suffer any injuries. An employee was taken to the hospital as a precaution with unknown injuries. The crash occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. and police were still determining the cause Thursday afternoon.
Lisa Cardona, owner of the spa, said there are normally two employees stationed at tables located adjacent to the front window, but in a stroke of luck both had just left their posts minutes before the accident leaving the front room empty.
"I just thought there had been an explosion, and the first thing I thought about was all the girls," Cardona said.
The building's owner, Cheryl Fonseca, was in her office on the second floor when she heard a crash. She said her father came running yelling, "There's a car in the building; there's a car in the building."
Fonseca said she was told the driver had pulled into a space and hit the gas pedal rather than the brake.
"I don't think it happened on purpose," Fonseca said.
The damage included the complete destruction of the front window and materials inside the spa.
Fonseca said the building, which also includes a Curves for Women gym, was evacuated and all electricity and gas was shut off.
Built in August 2001, Fonseca said this is the first time anything like this has occurred.
"The worst thing that happened was a false alarm with the fire alarm," she said.
Fonseca was happy to report there were no injuries.
"No matter what happened, no one was hurt or killed," she said. "This is all material stuff, and it can be replaced. That's what insurance is for."
Cardona agreed.
"We like to do things big here," Cardona joked in the face of the immediate disaster. "But we'll all be fine. We're all safe and healthy. It's just another good day."

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