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Discussion in 'Beyond New England' started by LA Copper, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    Good luck and keep me updated. We'll see you out here soon.
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  2. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    Aricmichael, are you next? Come on out and give us a try.
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  3. kdk240

    kdk240 MassCops Member

    Congratulations and good luck, go where it's warm and don't look back.
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  4. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    I've heard it referred to as the Nashua PD of California.
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  5. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

  6. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    He hasn't made ODMP yet. I'm saddened to see this. He even attempted to get away from the situation and it followed him. RIP, Brother.
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  7. Sooty

    Sooty Administrator

    Congrats on successfully completing the testing process SD!!

    Be safe out there!!
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  8. NG1992

    NG1992 MassCops Member

    Congrats SD2CA. Best of luck with the rest of the process and your transition. What advice did the rookies at Newton give you about the academy? I wish the best for ya!
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  9. msw

    msw MassCops Member

    Gotta be careful with the term "transition" in L.A.....
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  10. SD2CA

    SD2CA MassCops Member

    They had a similar message: focus, work hard and don’t get distracted. Until then - I need to stay on top of my fitness and start preparing myself mentally for whats about to come.

    LACopper gave me great advice as well. Im already studying the manual and learning different things about the department, radio codes, etc so that its not such an "ambush of information" when I get there. I made it this far by having a strong plan, studying, and learning as much as possible. That's how I will make it through the academy and probation as well.

    Im a firm believer in the 5P theory - Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
    I believe if you prepare 'hard' enough it is impossible to fail on things you can control. I will not fail because I didn't study hard enough. I will not fail because I'm not in good enough shape.

    Im giving up everything and moving across the country for this...I cant fail. its not an option!
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  11. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    LA Copper was funny. traveling around the city he would randomly stop and say, "where are we now? "

    Of course i didn't know, but was illustrating the point it's a very large city and you have to know where you are at all times.
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  12. SD2CA

    SD2CA MassCops Member

    yup. The Sgt I was riding with did the same. I did pretty well at first. Not so much later on when we were cruising and talking a lot :confused::confused:
  13. msw

    msw MassCops Member

    Most of the central part of Los Angeles (City and County) is laid out in grid-like, North/South, East/West streets, with the E/W streets being (mostly) numbered. Learn the named "big" N/S and E/W streets, and you can have a pretty good handle on where you're at. Of course, that only works if you have a reasonably good innate sense of direction, i.e. which way is north, south, etc. Then, if in doubt, you can always say something like "I'm two streets east of Central and two blocks north of Imperial." Of course, you really wouldn't want to be there, unless you have at least two guns, right LA Copper?
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  14. TheSnowman

    TheSnowman Semper Occultus

    The sun always rises in the east and it always sets in the west. If you can remember that and what a compass looks like you will always know where you are looking. Night time though you don’t have the sun unfortunately
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  15. msw

    msw MassCops Member

    Cloudy days can screw that up, as well! I had a new partner once who had absolutely no sense of direction. Had no clue which way was north, south, east, west, when we were driving around. Our patrol area was roughly due east of Los Angeles International Airport, and in line with the typical east to west approach for airplanes coming into LAX. And they were fairly low on approach over us so they were usually easy to see, whether day or night, a pretty steady stream of airliners heading east to west, over us, to LAX. So the final solution that I hit upon to solve this "lost" dilemma, was a conversation that went something like this: "Deputy, where is LAX from where we are at right now?" "Well, it is due west of us". "Correct. Now look up in the sky, where are all the airplanes, and where are they heading to?" "Well, they are flying towards LAX, so that direction [pointing] must be west." "Yes! And if you know that direction is west, which way is north, south and east?" ..... "OK, got it now." ..... And the problem was solved. But I never let her drive on cloudy days. A few years later, she got transferred to another Sheriff's Station, a few miles due west of where we used to work (together) and also directly in line with the airliners coming into LAX. (They were even lower and easier to spot at this place.) I was a relatively new Sergeant at this Station, and one day, I overhead some Deputies talking about the "new arrival" and how odd it was that after every call, before heading to it, she'd lean her head out the window and look up in the sky. They had a good chuckle when I explained the origin of this otherwise baffling behavior to them. Of course, they never let her drive when it was cloudy, either. (Luckily, the sun is almost always shining in Southern California!)
  16. Sooty

    Sooty Administrator

    Are there not questions on entrance exams that cover sense of direction?
  17. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    Questions on a written test/reading comprehension are a completely different story than the road. That's what the academy and FTO are for.
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  18. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    That is correct... although sometimes common sense has to come into play.
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  19. Mr Scribbles

    Mr Scribbles Mr Scribbles44.blogspot.com

    Hey Mike-Me you and Buck for lunch when you come "home"...we'll see about that common sense
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  20. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    You got it, sounds good to me!
  21. 02136colonel

    02136colonel Supporting Member

    Looks like the corner of East 114th and Hooper Ave?
  22. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    The Gardens?
  23. msw

    msw MassCops Member

    Yup..... Nickerson Gardens. "Back in the day", it was always a fun poaching spot for the FPK Deps on slow nights..... along with Jordan Downs and The Pueblos. ("It's all the County, right?")
  24. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    As you know, all very dangerous places to police. The Pueblos is where our gang officer was shot in May.
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  25. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    I'm back here in the "homeland" on vacation in case any of you potential candidates would like to meet and ask questions about the job and the department.
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