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Please God flunk this ego-maniac. This POS was a badge polisher on the way up and only took care of his brown nose buddies when he got in power...Isn't that right Commissioner Martha Stewart?

California Police Exam Puts LAPD Chief to the Test

Los Angeles Times via Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Police Chief William Bratton is being put to the test.

The head of the Los Angeles Police Department has been hitting the books and taking target practice over the last year to prepare for the California peace office certification exam Monday.

Colleagues said Bratton, a veteran crime fighter who has led five police agencies, was up to the challenge.

``If he spent some time looking at old 'Adam-12' films, he'll do just fine,'' said former police Chief Daryl F. Gates, referring to the television series.

``He should leave his five cell phones at home,'' added Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca. ``And wear short sleeves so no one suspects he's got cue cards.''

The state required exam will force Bratton to show mastery of 41 subject areas through multiple-choice and other tests, as well as proficiency in arrest techniques and use of firearms such as pistols and shotguns.

Aides said Bratton has spent 140 hours training and studying, and he has complained more than once about sore legs and wrists from arrest and control training.

Bratton can take the exam again if he fails, said Alan Deal, a spokesman for the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.

And if he fails a second time?

``I'd have to leave that to legal minds,'' Deal said.
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