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Looking for regular leather gear

Discussion in 'Police Duty Gear For Sale / Wanted' started by ClintEastwood4Sheriff, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. ClintEastwood4Sheriff

    ClintEastwood4Sheriff MassCops Member

    Looking to buy any regular, non shine leather gear. Looking for everything. (Cuff cases, flashlight holsters, belt itself depending on size, OC case, keepers, etc). It's okay if they're a little beat up.

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  2. RodneyFarva

    RodneyFarva Get off my lawn!

    I got some stuff.. holster is a Safarland for a HK USP compact, Safarland Stinger flashlight holder, Safarland Glock 17/22 mag pouch, Bianchi Stinger light pouch, Bianchi mini mag light pouch and a SMJ radio strap. PM me if you are interested. 0330171318.jpg 0330171318a.jpg 0330171318b.jpg 0330171319.jpg 0330171319a.jpg 0330171319b.jpg
  3. NJCOP

    NJCOP New Member

    I have leather gear listed on eBay right now. Cuff case, belt, mag pouch, OC pouch, keepers all still available. PM me or check out eBay (saltwatercowboy93 is my seller name.)
  4. stykshooter

    stykshooter New Member

    We are phasing out our leather gear here at the P.D. and have a lot of gear, some still new in the package. Let me know if you're interested and how much you're looking for.
  5. murph2525

    murph2525 New Member

    I have leather gear. I have a belt, glock holster, cuffs, clips, baton, and mace holders all in leather

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