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Looking For A Vest

Discussion in 'Police Duty Gear For Sale / Wanted' started by radiocop102, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. radiocop102

    radiocop102 New Member

    I'm not sure how they measure them, but I am 6'5", 220lbs. Does anyone have one they're selling or know where I can find one?

  2. MPD703

    MPD703 Subscribing Member

    Any cop shop should be able to help you out or try one of the mail order/internet places. I am not a huge fan of Galls but they do have rebranded vests (ABA I think) that they sell under the Galls name. Binachi just started selling vests under the Lawman brand. Never seen one of those but the price was not bad.
  3. radiocop102

    radiocop102 New Member

    Thanks, I guess I'm looking for a used one though.
  4. justanotherparatrooper

    justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :) Staff Member

  5. Hawk19

    Hawk19 New Member

    Sweet Chinese Jesus, you'd trust your life to something you bought second-hand from craigslist? Remind me to tell you about that sale on the Brooklyn Bridge, great opportunity
  6. jettsixx

    jettsixx Had enough

    I'm with Hawk on this one. If you are going to skimp on something dont pick the vest. You might as well carry an unloaded gun too. Not trying to be a jerk but think about it.
  7. MCADPD24

    MCADPD24 MassCops Member

    I have to agree with Jett and Hawk. Vest get worn out, from sweat and movement. Sometimes when you fold them they get ruined. If you are gonna get a vest, buy it brand new.
  8. Irish Wampanoag

    Irish Wampanoag Subscribing Member

    Don't buy a used one its nasty!!!!:NO::uc:
  9. Tuna

    Tuna Always entertained

    Foxy 85 had one for sale a couple of months ago, might be big on you though.
  10. radiocop102

    radiocop102 New Member

    Looking for a Vest - Clarification

    I guess I should have been more clear. I'm not looking for a ratty, old, bullet riddled vest. I'm looking for a used vest that perhaps someone was just wearing "yesterday" but got fired, retired, quit, promoted to administration, or for whatever reason doesn't want anymore. I'm not looking to take it rather than you just throwing it in the trash because you don't feel safe wearing it anymore.

    Does that help?

  11. Hawk19

    Hawk19 New Member

    Radiocop, you should be aware that kevlar vests degrade from moisture and sunlight in even the best conditions, and for all you know the guy you're buying it from kept it in a swamp. Buy new, don't take risks. Just look at the second chance scandal...
  12. fra444

    fra444 MassCops Member

    I can tell you that the armorer on my job has shot an old vest with positive results. He took one that someone in uniform used regularly for over four years and it stopped the bullets that were shot at it.

    Now at the risk of sounding like I just came out from under a rock, what second chance scandal?
  13. 7costanza

    7costanza Supporting Member

  14. fra444

    fra444 MassCops Member

    LMAO your a jerk and :L: :L: funny as hell!!!!!!!
  15. MCADPD24

    MCADPD24 MassCops Member

    The best advice we are giving you is don't buy used. Buy it brand new, and it will save you headaches.
  16. Hawk19

    Hawk19 New Member

  17. fra444

    fra444 MassCops Member

    Ya thats all bad! Thrilled I dont use second Chance!
  18. justanotherparatrooper

    justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :) Staff Member

    SARCASM :rolleyes:
  19. Hawk19

    Hawk19 New Member

    Yep, my pistol is loaded with a mix of armor piercing sarcasm and hollow point irony rounds...
  20. fra444

    fra444 MassCops Member

    DAMN and my vest is by Second Chance and not rated for armor piercing sarcasm or hollow point irony rounds!!!
  21. Simon

    Simon Guest

    You can have Andy's vest but he's not letting go of the bottoms too easily...........

  22. fra444

    fra444 MassCops Member

  23. ecsc130

    ecsc130 New Member

    what are you looking to do with this vest (training, running, etc) ?

    no patrol activities I would think.................... the other guys are right about buying used ones for patrol, its like buying used rubbers, they might fit but damn they are nasty and may not work.. just a thought though.


  24. jettsixx

    jettsixx Had enough


    Here is an idea:


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