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Discussion in 'Reserve / Auxiliary' started by jmac572, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. jmac572

    jmac572 MassCops Member

    I know this is a long shot, but i have to ask... I dont suppose the Military Police academy could be considered an equivalent of training for a basic reserve/intermittent academy could it? The only reason i ask is because when I went through (2004) we covered patrol incidents (DUI, speeding, ect), patrol safety, EVOC, law & order excercises, use/levels of force, cpr/casualties, domestic disturbances, child neglect/abuse, miranda rights, handcuffing techniques, baton training, riot control, unarmed combat, 9mm training/qual, report writing, military law, and even did some corrections training among many other things.. I assume that MP school goes much more in depth than a reserve academy would, but ive never been through one so i cant say that for sure
  2. ArchAngel2

    ArchAngel2 Grand Admin Commander

    Here is the short answer, NO IT DOES NOT COUNT. I have been through the MP course as well as several of their development courses ( PSD, Physical security, SRT, etc). I t will look good on a resume for future positions in a department but you need to be certified by the training council
  3. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Granted it was many years ago when I went through, but as far as law enforcement the MP School was a complete farce. One of our instructors was a reservist on TDY whose real job was a sheriff's deputy in California (patrol). He would show us how to do things for the purposes of the exam, then after looking around for officers would say "This is how you should really do it".
  4. jmac572

    jmac572 MassCops Member

    lol, thanks but i had to ask, some stuff was kind of a joke but a lot was takin very serious, domestics, patrol safety, etc.... thanks guys
  5. usaf1199a

    usaf1199a MassCops Member

    No not at all. I went through military police acaemy and it does not even compare. For the most part, MP school was all security/infantry with a little drizzle of LE. Not to mention there is next to no criminal law nor criminal procedure in MP school. Also, in the military they teach you about the UCMJ which is is many ways very different that mass general law.
  6. cchc28

    cchc28 Wanna Talk About It?

    what was the little written warning ticket book? 1198 i think?
  7. jmac572

    jmac572 MassCops Member

    lol... and 1498 for military laws and 1805 for state laws on a military installation.. havent seen those in a while

    MILPOLICEMSGT MassCops Member

    i BELIEVE IT WAS dd fORM 1408 NOT 1498. 1805 SEEMS CORRECT.
  9. cchc28

    cchc28 Wanna Talk About It?

    1408. ah yes.. such a useless little paper
  10. mcpd704

    mcpd704 MassCops Member

    If I remember correctly, the 1408 was a military citation that went to the offenders company commander or OIC. It would not go to the DMV or otherwise effect a civilan driving record. The 1805's were money cites that worked similiar to the Massachusetts Uniform Citations and would effect someones insurance. If you wanted to fight the 1805, you had to go to a federal court. I hadnt seen or written a 1408 since I was stationed in Europe back in the mid 90's and when I was stateside, the 1805 was the weapon of choice. Not sure what is used currently, I got out in 05'
  11. usaf1199a

    usaf1199a MassCops Member

    Ha Ha... AF Form 1199 is an Air Force Restricted Area Badge... at the time I couldn't think of anything else.

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