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Logged out while posting message

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Gil just to let you know while I was posting a response the system logged me out after several minutes of typing (approx 5 or so) of course I didn't know this until I tried to post and message I got back said I wasn't logged in even though I had...a similar problem occured on sure if it was addressed there or not..Of course once I logged back in I had to retype (alot qicker) the message..not sure if its the Vbulletin software or jelsoft or what :-k
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Thanks for the heads up I will check with some of the vB sites and see if this issue has been addressed before, maybe a copy to clipboard hack will be in the near future. Sorry for the trouble.

Just a heads up...sort of along the same lines. I tried saving my score for one of the amazing Yeti games, and it said I had insufficent privileges...I found it interesting...but two seconds later I could in another IE window, but not the same one.
OHMIGOD I beat you at a game and it wouldn't let submit're doing this on purpose are you????? :(
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