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Conway, N.H. One week after a fire in New Hampshire left three families homeless, a 6-year old girl thanks the man who ran in and saved her.
Emma McManus hid in her bedroom from the smoke that filled her home, while everyone else made it out. Officer Mike Boucher was one of the first on-scene and immediately ran in and grabbed Emma.
On Wednesday, the two met for the fist time since the incident. Officer Boucher says he never thought twice about running into the building to find her, and he's glad to see her doing well and moving on with her life.
The McManus family is currently living in a hotel and working on rebuilding their home, but they say they're fortunate and can't thank the officer enough.With a hug, Emma and her older brother, Christian, gave their thank you's to the shy officer who made their unfortunate incident a little less tragic.

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