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Its 315am so i figured this would be a fun post to pass the time. What agencies have you seen working this silly DNC

MA State
ME State
NH State
VT State
RI StateT
CT State
Fed Pro. Svc
Suffolk County
United States Capitol Police
Malden Police (In Boston)
Boston Park Rangers
Coast Guard

Add your sighted agencies

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Well we were their as well. My dept was at UMass Boston along with Umass Dart, Lowell and Amherst (mounties). Bridgewater State College, and the DOC .

Plymouth County Sheriffs Dept.

By the way, did anyone get sworn in as a "Special State Police" ?

What a cluster F* no direction, very little info and most of all left out of loop!

Not just us, but same with some of Boston Finest and UMass themselves.

Just my two-bits!


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Sounds like y'all covered the list pretty well... I wished I had a digital camera with me when I walked through the city to take some snapshots, but then I thought about the fact that I might get detained and quesstioned for taking them. As I walked around the city I can honestly say I never felt safer, but I also felt like I was walking through an Iragi city as there was such a huge presence. I particularly liked the USCG chopper(s) flying around and "swooping" up and down everyday. I only had to work 13 hour days which is better than what some other folks had to work... And the 32 hrs of OT will be nice too...
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