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GMass....I will take no offense at that "a real Boston cop?"....but to answer your question, yes, a real Boston Cop.

BPD academy doesn't really offer this type of training. They (administration) are more interested in teaching community policing then tactical or other topics like LIDAR. No, they don't teach us LIDAR in the academy (yet they expect us to issue movers)...... Shit, while we learned 94c criminal law, they never even brought in the drug unit to do a controlled burn or show us what other narcotics looked like etc......academically and physically, it is a tough and rigid academy but it still lacks a lot of subject matter.

Iv'e asking about LIDAR training within the department for year's, finally I came here.

MOP does have a certified trainer but they keep everything in house (within special ops).

Be safe.
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